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PEOPLE App Review

PEOPLE Celebrity News Tracker: Rating: 9/10 Price: $1.99.

TheGrint - Golf GPS and Handicap Tracker | NewsWatch Review

For more information, search "TheGrint" in your iOS or Android store today! Subscribe to NewsWatchTV: ...

How to sleep better: Beddit Smart sleep tracker app turns beds into smart beds - TomoNews

SAN FRANCISCO — Beddit Smart is a sleep tracker that is designed to help users convert their ordinary beds into smart beds with an ultra-thin sensor that is ...

Microsoft's Snipp3t App: The New Celebrity Tracker

Microsoft wants iPhone users to track their favorite celebrities through its latest app, Snippet.

Selfie drone: Hover Camera Passport takes art of the selfie to dizzying new heights - TomoNews

BEIJING — A Chinese startup has developed a drone equipped with facial recognition technology that takes aerial selfies of its user. The drone is dubbed the ...

Virtual makeover phone app ModiFace Live lets users virtually apply makeup in real time - TomoNews

TORONTO – ModiFace Live is an augmented reality beauty app that uses face tracking and gesture tracking technology. The app allows users to virtually apply ...

Baby's Firsts App Review | NewsWatch Review

NewsWatch TV is your source for breaking news, tech reviews, and celebrity talk! Watch us on the History Channel, Biography Channel, and Ion Network!

The kGoal - Kegel Tracker Kickstarter | TMZ

Women get your exercise on! A Kickstarter campaign has emerged for a device that tracks women doing their kegel exercises ... and it syncs with your phone!

What you need to know about Apple’s iOS and MacOS’ first serious malware infestation ever

A new form of malware is targeting Apple Macintosh computers, iPhones and iPads in China, according to a paper published on Wednesday by computer ...

Obama lied? Osama bin Laden death story a lie, says journalist Seymour Hersh - TomoNews

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh says the Obama administration lied about how Osama bin Laden was killed. In a new article in the London Review of ...

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