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Hot Sexy Spicy Fun ! ! !

Has it all: hot celbs, sexy pics, spicy quotes, fun facts and news! totally worth every cent, well setup and easy to use. Recommend it!


Love this app! 5 stars

Getting better!

First of all, thanks for listening! So glad to see the Wiki back and really love to have the settings page where you can set your preferences and choose how to sort, which search engine, and news site. I still dont understand why when selecting a celebrity, the next screen is a list of quotes and then you have to click one to get to the page with the tabs. The quotes really arent that interesting in my opinion and I click right past them. Id rather go directly to the page with the tabs than have to go through the quotes page to get to the good stuff. I still dont understand why the OMG! tab is under the individual celebrity since the OMG! isnt specific to that particular celebrity. The info under the celebrity should only be pertaining to the celbrity youve clicked on. I think the OMG!(or whichever news site) should be accessed from perhaps the buttons on the bottom of the screen. Maybe replace the Quotes button on the bottom with the OMG! page and then replace the OMG! tab with a Quotes tab under the celebrity. I think swapping the Quotes and OMG! locations in the app would make a lot more sense. The info under the celebrity should pertain only to that celebrity and more general news should be accessed through one of the bottom buttons. Overall, love the app and so glad to see it being updated. Its getting better and a few more tweaks will make it perfect!

Great app..

But I agree that OMG should not be included in the actual profile tabs. And Landscape Mode would be helpful too. Other than that, this is a great app. Easy to navigate and lots of great information available. 


I love this app. It is so addicting!! It is a MUST HAVE!!!!! :)

Celebrity review

This is an Extraordinary app that allows the people of the world to find the latest gosip on actors and actresses. This is a recommendation that I do recommend.


Dont waste your buck.

Celebrity Review

This app is very well nicely designed, super easy to use, interface works just like iPod or Contacts from Apple. I highly recommend to everyone!


I love it! They got very current news and updates from lots of celebs. Highly Recommended!

Great app...

... to follow your celebs. Got lots of dirt, news and gossip.

Love this app!!!

Its great app. I love it!!

Justin Bieber!!!

I love this app. I love Justin Bieber!!!! Justin Bieber is the BESSSSTT!!!! So is this app!!


I love this app


Same app as celeb quotes. I demand refund as I have already downloaded the quote app.


This app was terrible! I didnt learn anything new. It has no gossip only the stars biography (which isnt even good)!DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

A pain

It was not user friendly at all!!

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